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What is Aromatherapy?
therapy is an ancient healing art using concentrated, pure essential oils, which are extracted from aromatic plants, trees, flowers, herbs and resins to help treat and relieve symptoms of headaches, sinusitis, arthritis, sore muscles, flu-like conditions and stress. Most essential oils are hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial; many oils are also antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Aromatherapy helps to heal, realign and rebalance the whole body. There are many different ways to use essential oils, but one of the most pleasant, relaxing and therapeutic ways, is through Aromatherapy Massage.

practice of using aromatic plants and their extracts for both spiritual and physical well-being dates back to early history. The most well known use of aromatic plants was by the Egyptians, who turned their applications into an art form and way of life. So effective was their use of plant oils in the embalming process that traces of resins such as myrrh, clove and cinnamon have been found intact thousands of years later.

At a time when environmental toxins, stress, pollution, unhealthy diet, hectic and fast paced lifestyles threaten to overwhelm us, the properties of essential oils are being rediscovered to restore the balance that has been lost in modern day life. Unlike most conventional medicines, essential oils work together with all aspects of the body, strengthening rather than weakening it so that it may aid in the healing process. For example - the antiseptic quality of Roman chamomile will help to disinfect a wound; its soothing action on the nervous system will reduce both the emotional and physical aspects of pain; while its cell rejuvenating qualities will encourage the quick growth of new cells.



What are Essential Oils?
sential oils are the concentrated extracts of plants and flowers; the life force of the plant. They are found in flowers, leaves, resins, seeds, roots and grasses. Some plants produce more than one kind of oil. Eg. - the bitter orange tree produces three essential oils - Neroli from the white blossoms; Pettigrain from the leaves; and Orange from the peel of the fruit. For many essential oils, it takes a great deal of raw plant material to produce a small amount of oil. The aromatic content in the Rose is so very small that it takes sixty thousand petals to produce one ounce of Rose Oil. In some plants such as the common orange, the oil is easily collected from the peel. For this reason, essential oils are individually priced according to the method of extraction and the raw material required.

Essential oils can enter the body via absorption through the skin or inhalation through the olfactory system (ability to smell). The most powerful applications, such as bath or massage, employ both inhalation and absorption. The molecules of essential oils are so tiny that they quickly enter the bloodstream and are carried to all parts of the body to unlock the body's natural healing powers. When essential oils are applied to the skin in a diluted form, they are absorbed into the bloodstream and can reach all of the body's vital organs via the lymphatic tissues and the circulatory system. Scents directly influence this area of the brain allowing essential oils to produce feelings, sensations and emotions; to reduce pain; to stimulate or relax; and to produce a sense of well-being.

There are many ways of using essential oils. You can use them in baths; inhalations; candles; diffusers; on a kleenex to inhale; etc.
Store your essential oils in a cool, dry place without sunlight, and out of reach of children. Always keep the lid on the bottle, to prevent evaporation and loss of potency. The shelf life of essential oils varies - up to ONE year after the bottle is opened, except for citrus oils, that can last up to six months. Some essential oils get better with age eg. - Sandalwood, Cedar wood, and Rosewood.

Essential Oils can be dangerous as well as beneficial. The citrus essential oils can burn your skin, eg: if you lay out in the sun; gardening; swimming; etc. DO NOT use essential oils on pregnant women or small infants; and for seniors use in low doses, as well as for children. Headaches may occur from inhaling too many or the more potent of the essential oils too much. Essential oils are better when blended with more than one as they compliment each other and do not have as strong a scent as by using just one essential oil.......NOTE: ESSENTIAL OILS ARE FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY!!

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